Pancakeswap Sniper Bot v2 – Plus (Front Running Bot)

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Pancakeswap Sniper Bot Plus version has all the features of basic version and in addition it can snipe in liquidity block and hes extra “antibot” features. You can read about it in FAQ section and more detailed in instruction PDF attached to the bot files.

Currently the only publicly available DEX Pancakeswap listing sniper bot.

You will receive 3 files – the Plus Pancakeswap Sniper bot, the basic Pancakeswap Sniper bot and PDF install instructions.

Recently upgraded to work on PancakeSwap V2! Functionality and all future updates will be provided as a free upgrade to all bot owners.

Limited license amount available to keep sniping profitable. Get it while you can!

This tool will allow you to buy newly released tokens in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it manually. Optimize your profits by buying early – before everybody else. This bot can buy any new token in zero seconds.

It works by scanning the Binance Smart Chain for all new liquidity add transactions and places a buy order as soon as it finds the one matching your entered criteria.

The bot is totally safe and legal to use – it is fully open-script meaning that you will be able to see how and when your info is issued. Your wallet info only stays with you!

This script is optimized to work with different node providers ( easy to follow PDF instructions and video included) and features error free function!

Plus vs Basic functionality:

The Plus version features a couple of extra functions that will work on listings that has “Anti-bots” in place. It is optimized just for those and will snipe in multiple and different ways until there is 1 successful buy transaction for the desired amount.

Will work against Anti-bots Pancakeswap V2!

How does it do it? It’s really quite simple, but the extra functions will really improve your profit in the long-run as you won’t have projects that you miss or fail at. “Plus” version specific PDF and video instructions are included.

39 reviews for Pancakeswap Sniper Bot v2 – Plus (Front Running Bot)

  1. Danny

    A test to see if this review section is real before I buy, lol

  2. Innokenka

    Guys are always available and updates are very frequent. I use it on Mac and despite some difficulties in the installation I am very satisfied

  3. Viking

    It is light, it is fast. If run on premium vps and custom node it is a real monster

  4. Basil Ignatyev

    I used limitswap before but this bot is incomperable faster

  5. V

    Testing like the others 😉

  6. Ivan

    If this review get throught i will buy 😀

  7. Dino

    Can you sent me trial code for 15 days if i make profit i will buy licence for more time

  8. f3x

    Good soft. Perfect for sniping shitcoins

  9. jacob

    I use it for a week now. Works good, had a few successful snipes already. Sometimes the devs take long time to answer my questions…

  10. gee

    Great stuff… waste no time.. I love it

  11. Alberto CS

    I tested almost every bot available on the market. Only this one can get me in top 3 buyers on almost any launch

  12. Testingthishit

    I just want to test if it accepts any negative review

  13. Isee

    I just bought it and tested on few coins. For now everything looks good. Now I`m looking for some good launches…

  14. matthew87 (verified owner)

    I tried all the bots on the market (limitswap etc) but they are all slow, there was already 30-100 transactions before my was done so I buy on hype and then have to sell with loss. Finally with this bot I`m beyond all the public bots users. Usually in the first 1-5 transactions. Hope it`ll keep working for a long time, you`re making good job Stanley!

  15. Hugo

    One of my best purchase this year 🙂

  16. Lucky Luke

    Does anyone already buy on this site? is it safe? 🙂

  17. Bjørn Poulsen

    I`m using pancake sniper plus and it works like a charm. Sometimes dev is hard to catch, need to send few messages to get reply.

  18. Brian

    Just for testing the comment session 😀

  19. Luwig

    ok i bought pancake plus a week ago. It`s pretty easy to install and setup if you go step by step with manual. good node is crucial – i tested few different suppliers. I already sniped few launches and was able to buy in liquidity few times. I hit x10, sometimes x20 but don`t count on x1000. Not in these days.

  20. Gerard

    Testing comment as well.
    Can you guys examine the whole program being sent and guarantee it is fully safe?

  21. John Oakes

    Testing to see if its genuine

  22. PoorCryptoman

    Just typing if a bad review is still accepted here.

  23. Enma bigboi

    Testing to see if negetive review goes through

  24. jdjd66

    testing review section before buy. if everything is good i will leave another

  25. Antonio

    Good product. Good contact with a team.

  26. Cum

    Seems real 10/21/21

  27. NWO

    Bought the bot week ago. Everything works fine. Since then the bot has been upgraded 2 times so I assume it is being upgraded often.

  28. NROSE (verified owner)

    I purchased the bot and it appears to be working. Developer is on Telegram for assistance but takes some time for replies. I’m still awaiting some answers to some questions but the bot appears to be working as advertised.

  29. Danny

    Want to ensure if it takes negative reviews….Can someone please confirm if they bought it and it still works.

  30. CryptoPotato

    Many people bought it man. If you want front runner bot this is the only option you have. I bought it like 10 months ago. Stanley updates the bot all the time.

  31. Storm Nakamoto

    Storm Nakamoto here just checking reviewing works. CEO Out

  32. Julian OG

    Try to see if he accepts criticism. I not buy yet.

  33. Diesel

    Just to counter all the dumb 1 star “seeing if it will accept negative reviews…” Why send a negative review if you haven’t already bought or had bad interactions with the dev? Crazy. The comments/ratings system needs to be coded for only verified purchases.

  34. Mickuk (verified owner)

    It`s incredible tool. It`s updated very often, like every 1-2 weeks. Good contact with the dev, however sometimes it`s better to send him few messages if he forgot to reply

  35. Dan

    Just for testing the comment session

  36. jef

    Does anyone who bought it in 2022 know if it’s working?

    • stevo21

      I bought it in 2021 and yes it does work. The bot is updated very often, and that`s why I`m on the website right now. That is the only minus for me, you have to download updates manually from the website. But I don’t think it could be done other way since the bot is an open script.

  37. troquy588

    it work now?

  38. samsungtabyp

    Legit product

  39. Moises OG

    The bot do the job, recommend.

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